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The year is 2199 and life on Earth is a hopeless struggle with economic chaos and social decay. Incorporated city-states dominate the political landscape and natural resources are virtually exhausted. Civilization has barely survived a 75-year dark age known simply as the Blight. For more than three decades, an engineered virus ravaged the world’s agricultural crops while social panic reigned and billions died of starvation. Once-great cities lie in ruin and anarchistic, famine-ravaged Free Zones have claimed whole regions of the globe.

The resulting chaos has only recently been stabilized, due primarily to the heroic efforts of the Global Ecology Organization (GEO). This organization was created by the United Nations in reaction to the Blight and is all that still remains of most of Earth’s original world governments. Conceived of desperation and the threat of human extinction, the GEO was viewed as a powerful and benign champion, the protector of human rights and ecological integrity. During the darkest days of the Blight, the GEO was humanity’s last hope for salvation.

Forty years after the Blight was finally eradicated, the memory of the GEO’s heroism and its champion’s mantle are beginning to fade. Many believe this world government is a powerful and dangerous relic, one that has outlived its usefulness and now threatens the ideals of liberty and justice on which it was founded. The United Nations has been reinstated and has emerged as a new challenge to the GEO’s political authority throughout Earth and the Colonies. The GEO has become an unpleasant reminder of a horrific past, as humanity’s attention turns to a new world and a new future.

Despite the bright promise of the Colony on Poseidon and the discovery of the Long John ore that offers immortality the Earth remains A WORLD OF HURT. Since the end of the Blight, most of the United States has rebounded but many live hard scrabble lives of desperation on the Edges of Society. In the Free State of Southern California Night City is a hot bed of corporate intrigue.


“The City on the Edge of Tommorrow”


Like a coral reef, each area of the City holds its own type of native lifeform. Some are strong, secretive and deadly: the sharks of the urban future. Some wrap themselves in the camouflage of the street, the better to get the jump on their prey. Others go for protection; like hermit crabs, they take their heavy armor and bristling weapons wherever they go. In twenty-first century America, sociotechs and demographics experts recognize seven distinct types of urban reef dweller: Powerdealers, Corpzoners, Movers, Edgerunners, Mallplexers, Beavers, and Streetscum.





Main Page

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