In the wake of the Blight, vast areas of the Earth’s surface remain depopulated and lawless. From the Balkan Peninsula to Central America, characters who grew up in the Free Zone wastelands likely spent most of their time running from — or with — the bandit gangs and petty warlords who dominate these miserable, poverty-stricken regions.

Notice, Physique,Provoke, Shoot, Survival, Will


Vast and powerful, the GEO has been Earth’s world government since the early Blight Years. The organization employs millions of people across Earth and the Colonies, offering good educational and professional opportunities to its personnel and their families.

Academics, Contacts, Drive, Empathy, Rapport, Resources


In 2199, the Incorporate states dominate the economic arenas of Earth and the Colonies. Even low-level managers enjoy good education, competitive salaries, and ample opportunities for professional advancement.

Contacts, Deceive, Drive, Education, Provoke, Resources


As a result of any number of circumstances, the character was forced to become self-reliant at a very early age. Perhaps the character was orphaned or his family simply wasn’t around very often to look after him. The character may suffer some deep emotional scars, but he may also simply be self-sufficient and responsible.

Drive, Empathy, Notice, Provoke, Stealth, Will


For thousands of native colonists living in settlements scattered across Poseidon, the water world is the only home they have ever known. Whether a fisherman in an isolated settlement or a poor laborer living in Haven’s projects, the natives’ intimacy
with Poseidon is impossible for any newcomer to share.

Athletics, Notice, Physique, Stealth, Survival, Will


This package indicates the character has extended experience with life in undeveloped or non-urban environments. His understanding of the ways of life beyond major metropolitan centers is an advantage there, but in urban regions, the character is out of his element. The Nomad Clans are the very embodiment of being raised in a rural environment.

Drive, Notice, Physique, Shoot, Survival, Stealth


Millions of humans make their living among Earth’s orbital habitats, Luna, Mars Colony, or the asteroid belts of both settled star systems. These individuals possess extensive technical skills and an intimate familiarity with their dangerous environment.

Athletics, Education, Engineering, Notice, Pilot, Systems


This background is one of desperate, dangerous life in urban zones. Likely to have experienced bitter violence and hard lessons, a character with this background knows the ins and outs of life in the guts of the city.

Burglary, Empathy, Fight, Notice, Provoke, Stealth


This background represents the basic skills acquired through a general liberal arts education. While these skills cover only the first year or two at a major university, many students go on to more specialized studies, and the acquisition of these skills is covered by the professional training packages described below.

Contacts, Education, Empathy, Investigation, Rapport, Systems


Though most of Earth’s great metropolitan centers suffered terribly during the Blight Years, the sprawling cityscapes are still home to millions of wage-slaves and their families.

Contacts, Drive, Education, Empathy, Resources, Rapport



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