With the ascension of biomodification cybernetics, despite costing far less money, have become less and less common. They are far more invasive and dangerous to implant into a user and they are more susceptible to glitches and failures than their biological counterparts. However, they can also be more powerful. A metal cyberarm with artificial myomar musculature underneath a steal mesh skin can dish out and take much more damage than its biological counterpart.

However, letting someone cut off a perfectly good limb to replace it with a chromed cyberarm takes a certain psychological mindset that most find abhorrent. Additionally, Cyberpsychosis, a mental disease in which the addition of cybernetics causes an already unstable personality to fragment, has lead to countless incidents of violence. Many cybernetics require the player to take a certain Aspect. As a piece of them is replaced with chrome they become a different person. If all of their Aspects have been taken by different cybernetics then they are prime candidates for cyberpsychosis.

Because of that obvious cybernetics will often result in the cyborg being ostracized and feared. By contrast whole subcultures have been formed around cyberware with “Booster- gangers” roaming the streets and many police departments have been forced to react by forming Cyberpsycho Squads to deal with them. There have even been movements to outlaw cybernetics altogether but there are far too many who already have implants and don’t have the money to have them removed and replaced with biomodifications.

Another weakness of cybernetics is that if they are damaged they do not heal like biomods do. They have to be repaired. This means that any consequences taken to cybernetic systems will not be able to heal unless repairs are made with the proper tools with an Engineering Overcome skill roll. The difficulty is equal to bonus gained from the consequence (Mild 2, Moderate 4 etc.).

Finally cybernetics are vulnerable to electromagnetic effects. Anyone who chooses to gain cybernetics must take the Electro-magnetic Vulnerability weakness below which provides them with +1 Refresh:

Electro-magnetic Vulnerability [+1 Refresh]

All cyberware makes a character vulnerable to EMP weapons or events. When hit with an electro-magnetic attack of any kind, the attack adds Damage: 2.



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