The Education skill is about knowledge gained from academia and/or a classical education. It includes essential skills required to navigate and utilise an education (such as library use), and a basic understanding of a variety of subjects: art, history, geography, mathematics, literature, etc. It also encompasses the Social Sciences such as linguistics, sociology, psychology and anthropology and topics such as law.


You can use Education to overcome an obstacle that requires applying your character’s knowledge to achieve a goal or answer a question. For example, you might use Academics to know if a given arrangement of human remains has a cultural significance, to understand the purpose behind a strange statue left in an old tunnel, or to decipher an ancient language on a tomb wall.

Use Education when you need to know if your character can answer a difficult question relating to the scholastic subject, where some tension exists in not knowing the answer.

Create an Advantage:

Education provides a lot of very flexible opportunities to create advantages, as long as you can research the subject in question. More often than not, you will be using Education to get a story detail, some obscure bit of information that you uncover or know already, but if that information gives you an edge in a future scene, it might take the form of an aspect.

Likewise, you can use Education to create advantages based on any subject matter your character might have studied, which gives you an interesting way to add details to the situation.


Education is not used to attack.


Education is not used to defend.



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