Genetic Redesign



Genies are the offspring of radical artificial evolution, created one trait at a time using the standard human genome as a basic framework. Artificial enzymes and viruses are used to recombine human, non-human, and custom codes into a potentially limitless variety of viable human organisms. Traditionally, the first modifications were relatively simple — bigger, faster athletes and stronger, tougher soldiers. In recent years, Incorporate competition has led to the creation of entirely alien forms — some beautiful, some horrid, most built for function and necessity. There are hollowboned Spacers built for life in space, hulking Silvas created for fighting, lithe Cats made for stealth, sleek Aquaforms, and the disturbingly perfect Transhumans and perfectly disturbed Brainchildren.

There is no reason genies can not undergo further genetic modifications or additional cyberware.

All of the abilities for Genies are represented using the Alien Creation rules beginning on Page 39 of the Bulldogs! rulebook.

Genetic Redesign

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