Systems gives a character the ability to use the high-tech computer systems that are ubiquitous in the World of Hurt. These are used to gather or block information, as well as to operate the sensors and security systems; used this way, Systems serves as a perception skill. Characters with high Systems are technicians, engineers, and hackers.


Any general use of a data system or complex computer console requires a basic Systems roll. Operating a communications console is one of the main ways a character makes use of the Systems skill. Most of the time, use of these systems is routine.

Communication normally doesn’t require a Systems check unless there’s some kind of difficulty or interference. Communication over extremely long ranges can also be problematic. In these situations, a Systems check can be required to enable successful communications. Systems can also be used to intercept and eavesdrop on communications traffic. If the communication is encrypted, the communications operator has to spend time decrypting it, probably requiring another roll.

Systems can also be used to Overcome security measures of computer systems and to gain access to information stored there.

Systems can be used to assess any area that can be scanned by sensors, whether in a fixed location or from a vehicle. Vehicles possess both short and long range sensors. Short range sensors detect fine detail better than long range, and both can be used in either passive or active mode. In passive mode, only the most obvious details can be gleaned, but the sensors don’t call attention to their operation.

Sensors in active mode can automatically be detected by another sensor operator.

When using Systems as a sensor operator, Systems operates just like a perception skill. Sensors can be used to detect life forms, chemical compositions, atmospheric conditions, or any other information that the GM thinks can logically be gleaned from a sensor sweep.

Create an Advantage:

When in a conflict where Systems is in play—such as air to air combat—Systems can be used to jam communications, disable enemy targeting systems, or fool sensors. These maneuvers are often quite difficult, but they’re very useful if they can be brought into play. Systems can also be used to create an advantage by spotting all targets using sensors and relaying that information to an away team or another vehicle.


Systems isn’t used to make attacks.


Same here.



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